Donations and merch

We need money to make our demonstrations as accessible as possible.
We have designed some products.

  • T-Shirts (with sizes ranging from xs to 5xl)
  • Sticker
  • Buttons
  • Winter Cards (all texts are in German)

We know that many disabled people are poor. If you do have enough money, we are grateful if you give us some money.

You can send us donations via PayPal:

At the moment, we are trying to found a formal association. Once the process will be completed, we can apply for official funding. Until that point we rely on donations.

Viele Buttons auf einem Haufen… fast alle haben einen blauen Hintergrund und eine bunte Schleife. Davor steht: Spoonie oder Neurospicy.

ID (image description): You can see a bunch of buttons. Some show the Disability and Mad Pride Bonn Logo – with the disability pride flag in the background (with turquoise, blue, white, yellow and red strips on a grey background) and the name “Disability und Mad Pride Bonn” in black letters. The other buttons consist of the neurodivergence loop (a colourful infinity symbol or a lying 8) in front of a faint blue background. Some also display the words “Spoonie” and “neurospicy”.

Image description: You can see most of our stickers. There are four bigger ones with a blue background, our logo in the left corner and the dates of our first pride (19th August 2023 3 to 6pm) and our Instagram (@disability.pride.bonn) in the other corner. In the centre, there are four slogans (one on each sticker): F*ck Ableismus, Behindert und Stolz, Nicht Deine Inspiration and Accept my existence or expect my resistance.
There are seven smaller stickers, six of which have the disability pride flag designed by Ann Magill in the background. They say (one slogan per sticker) F*ck Ableismus (with Ableismus being fingerspelled under the written word), Behindert ist kein böses Wort, Nicht Deine Inspiration, Neurospicy and Accept my existence or expect my resistance. The seventh sticker says Spoonie, with the term being spelled in Braille, too. The background is pink.